Personal Kit Guide


This guide aims to answer some of the questions on what the most essential things you as a soldier should carry with you
when you’re going out on the battlefield.

Basic equipment required for any operation:
Personal medical supplies:
• Bandages: 15
• Morphine: 15
• Blood: 2 litres

These are the minimum required amount of medical supplies that a soldier is required to carry out on the battlefield. It is also important to keep the medical supplies in your backpack, as the medical staff will then be able to access it in case of emergency.

Personal ammunition:
• Rifles: 300 rounds
• Light Machine Guns: 600 rounds
• Pistols: 30 rounds
• Sniper rifles: 120 rounds (.50 BMG as many as possible)
• Launchers (Multiple use): 3 rockets

Explosives and pyrotechnics:
• M67 Fragmentation Grenade: 2
• White Smoke: 4
• Colored Smoke: 2 of each*
• White Flare: 4**
• Colored Flare: 4 of each**
• Demolition Blocks (For wall breaching): 2
* Indicates role specific (i.e JTAC or squad lead) ** Indicates both role specific and night mission

Miscellaneous equipment:
• Entrenchment tool**
• Compass
• MagLite XL – Map tool**
• Night Vision Goggles**
• Laser/Light/Combo– Gun attachment**
• Silencer***
Grip/Bipod – Gun attachment
• Optics
• Binoculars*
• AN/PRC-152 –Short range radio
• MicroDAGR
• Cable ties: 5
• Body bag: 1
• Spray can (For marking cleared buildings)*
• Demolition clackers*
• Metal detector*
• Kestrel*
• IR Strobe: 3

* Role specific
** Night mission
*** Recommended, but could be mission specific
Other things to consider

It is always the squadlead/mission host that will decide what uniform and vest the team should use.

Uniform and vests– Deciding factors:
• Country/Coalition
• Protection
• Weight
• Mission specific (?)

Backpacks are also essential to bring, as this gives you the possibility to carry more equipment and will be useful in a lot of situations and scenarios.