1. Show respect to all other members, admins and guests. This community brings together people from all walks of life to relax and have fun together. Be respectful of others and you will make friends from places you never thought possible. 
  2. Listen to your squad leader and members of the admin team. This helps operations run as smoothly as possible and allows us to focus on having fun. 
  3. Follow the Rules of Engagement as set out by your squad leader. Self explanatory. This includes absolutely no firing of weapons or use of grenades on base. 
  4. No recruiting for us on servers that do not allow recruiting. Atlas FRC does NOT allow its members to recruit on servers like 77th JSOC. We enjoy playing on these servers and so expect our members to follow their rules strictly. 
  5. No recruiting for your unit, clan or any other group on any of our platforms. We have worked hard to cultivate a positive environment for members to play and relax in. If you wish to gain some exposure for your group, this might be achieved by running joint events with us but this must be discussed with the admin team first.

Breaches of rules should be reported to the admin team along with any evidence you might have. Repeated breaches will result in suspension of membership and ultimately being banned from the community.